A Romantic ray is a message of love to let them know

what they mean to you, with a supportive Love.

We want you to know that Love, Harmony, and Peace are closer than ever.

Our tests prove that love is persistent from little effort across great distances and expanses of time. Haha Of course I'm referring to my story with Emily Silver (see Story Page). or Facebook Romanticraymedia

A leap of faith. Belief that our unseen dream will be realized.

Everything we believe about Love is true. It will have us redefine everything in the world, just so we may describe its beauty to our Love.

This site is dedicated to presenting romantic music, and timeless themes like the pledge bond or love in trust, and to praise those who put their love before ego, to help others without fear of recrimination. We have a tremendous potential to change our lives and our world through compassion. It's how you can have more love in your life, now as you trust.. Original Love songs presented here attempt to describe my feelings for EmilY Silver (Olympic medalist swim) and some things we've gone through on this unconventional journey into Love.

Some personal Inspirations:

Wayne Dyer Aug 31 2015

Great modern day teacher of Love and compassion, who for many decades has helped hundreds of millions of people have a deeper understanding of their relationships and emotions, so they may have happier more fulfilling lives.

Stephen Laudi 1952 -Jan 20 2019

Co-founder of Head & Hands, and was a community activist who founded, hosted multiple community groups, early recycling trials, assisted N.D.G .food bank, a member of C.E.D.E.N. started the entrepreneur center ,and had organized a march to save the Queen Elizabeth hospital to convert it to a wellness center associated with the Superhospital.

Greta Thunberg, 16years of age

For speaking out and inspiring a global movement known as “#School Strike 4 Climate” or “#Fridays For Future” launched last August when Thunberg began protesting outside the Swedish parliament on school days, calling for urgent measures to combat climate change, in Hamburg, Germany, on March 1, 2019. The youth initiative has called for nationwide strikes on March 15 as part of an international day of action by students.