A Romantic Ray is like a Secret Love Message

that you Know is for you.

We want you to know that Love, Harmony, and Peace are closer than ever.

This site is dedicated to presenting romantic music, and timeless themes like the pledge bond or a loving trust, and how you can have more love in your life now as you trust.. We have a tremendous potential to change our lives and our world through compassion. Original Love songs presented here attempt to describe how I feel about EmilY Silver (Olympic medalist swimming) and some things I've went through on this unconventional journey into Love.

A leap of faith: A belief that your unseen dream will be realized.

They were for me

Everything we believe about Love is true. It can start very quickly and persist through any storm.

It can have us redefine everything in the world, in order to express the beauty to your Love

As we let LOVE supersede FEAR, our difficulties will disappear.

The heart knows what it wants, ..and the brain makes excuses.