Romantic Ray

A Romantic Ray is a Message of Love to let someone know how much they mean to you, and to give Loving wishes without expectations.

We want you to know that Love, Harmony, and Peace are closer than ever.

This site is dedicated to presenting romantic music, and timeless themes like the pledge bond or love in trust, and that you too may be lucky in Love. Our capacity for love is always being increased. Love songs presented here are about the way I feel for EmilY Silver (Olympic medalist swimming).. There will be other originals and covers in time.

A leap of faith:

As we let LOVE supersede FEAR, our difficulties will disappear.

The heart knows what it wants, ..and the brain makes excuses.

The Back Story:

The song I'm talking Love was written to complete a marriage pact made to Emily Silver. Nov.18th 2016

The theme stems from the term "RomantiCRA" I called my 1st Loveletter to Emily Silver (Olympic medalist), cause it was kind of early AND late, to be so "RomantiCra" (zy).

I had to tell her how I fell in love with the sweetest warmest woman I've ever met.

Although she already knew because the day we met, after feeling like I was serene in a garden with another kid like me, I blurted out Ahhh as if surprised how beautiful she looked and sounded. Yea, she knew I gave her my heart and laughed gleefuly, as I shook my head in embarassment. I was determined not to bother this beautiful exquisite woman with my advances. As I retreated from the table saying it was nice meeting her, she almost interjected "Well, my lighter is here for you". It didn't feel like I was walking away really, because she had invited back already. Her having started the sentence with a dismissive word like "well" could mean to say "Well maybe you think you should run away, but my Light is here for You. Sadly, I did not return to her table. I thought I would run into her at a summer event, no such luck.

Not having her last name I was obliged to go to where she said she worked, and was told "OH she's gone!". I was shocked to think she would be returning stateside within weeks. Having her full name I sent a love letter by facebook that was RomantiCra, telling her how I fell for her, and that she received the first day. I checked online and read that she was already gone. I didn't want to embarrass her so it was a private message on FB that I sent, which had my email and phone number in case she wanted to call.

At the end of the Love letter I put my email and phone number and said I was sorry if it was romanticra of too late, and that I would send another one. She didn't call so I didn't know how she felt. But I know what it sounded like as I spoke with that beautiful sweet elegant woman.

Months later when I returned to FB, to write the second Love letter, her usual profile picture changed to "The Lady in the light picture" portraying herself breaking through glare from the sun to show her Love to me. It was like the poem I sent her in the first letter where at the end I state the sun could not block my view of her.What a lighthouse moment for me, as with a laugh on her lips and a tear in her eyes, saying "I'm right here", while thinking "I knew he'd come back for the second letter". That's SO Romantic!

I was full of joy and feeling loved and so when I wrote the second romantic letter, it was a formal proposal that we should marry by eloping to Grenada!. I say formal because the first letter was also a proposal!

Now I am showing her Love through song, as I ask for her hand!

Disclaimer: If the concepts discussed here seem invalid, impossible or insincere, and attract dissonance, that too is Love. If I have, or can misinterpret messages from that wonderful romantic Lady, my bad, as I must err on the side of Love.

I am her Romantic Ray, and I will take her as far as She wants to go...