Romantic Ray

Ideas and songs to make the heart light and happy!

The Romantic Ray of Love, Peace, Tranquility and Harmony

These are the things we wish for everyone to have, happiness, hope and inner peace.

This site is dedicated to presenting romantic music, and timeless themes, the pledge bond or love in trust, and that you can get that fuzzy feeling in very little time. Love songs presented here are about the way I feel for EmilY S. There will be other originals and covers in time.

A leap of faith, a triumph of LOVE over fear, the heart knows what it wants, the brain makes excuses.

The Back Story:

This song was written to complete a marriage pact made to Emily S. Nov.22 2016, in a letter via Facebook. It was this second Love letter that turned into a proposal after seeing her FB pic enacting the sentiment of the poem in my First letter!

That was lighthouse moment for me, as with a laugh on her lips and a tear in her eyes, saying "I'm right here", while thinking "He did come back for the second letter". That's SO Romantic!

Of course she will have to admit to that...and until that time, I am making good on my offer to show her love with a song. as I ask for her hand! I gave this exquisite woman my heart within minutes of meeting her, and she knew it.

Although I retreated in shyness, she made it seem silly and made me feel welcome to return. Failing to meet her before her return stateside, I sent a love letter and didn't know if she liked it until the picture she posted last November .

Disclaimer: If the concepts discussed here seem invalid, impossible or insincere, and attract dissonance, that too is Love. If I have, or can misinterpret messages from that wonderful romantic Lady, my bad, as I must err on the side of Love.

I am her Romantic Ray, and I will take her as far as She wants to go...