Love Songs

Songs to make the heart light and happy!

Let's all strive for harmony and inner tranquility to support our psyche and help our fellow man through love!

Maria's Eyes theme song the movie "Maria's Lovers"

I performed this on the fly in a kitchen with 1 mic, laptop and guitar. It was so Emily would hear the beautiful words, and know how I felt soon after we met. She was able to hear my voice while waiting for the song I have written for her, as a proposal!

This song inspires so much love and inner peace, that the world should take a lesson from it, so that we all help our fellow man. Let's support each other!

I'm Talking Love

This song was written to complete a marriage pact made Nov.23 2016, in a letter via facebook. It was this second Love letter, that turned proposal after seeing her FB pic enacting the sentiment of the poem from my First letter! A lighthouse moment for me, as with a laugh on her lips and a tear in her eye, saying "I'm right here", thinking "He did come back for the second letter". That's Romantic!

Of course she "Emily Silver" will have to admit to that...and until that time, I am making good on my offer to show her love with a song. as I ask for her hand! I gave this exquisite woman my heart within minutes, and she knew it. As I retreated in shyness she made it seem silly and made me feel welcome to return. Having not met before her return stateside, I sent a love letter and didn't know if she liked it until the picture she posted Last November . This song is being remixed and will be put on iTunes soon.